Grief Services

The Counseling and Social Advocacy Center @ UMSL offers both individual and group counseling for individuals who have lost a loved one.

Throughout the year, different outreach events are held as a way to process, remember, and express. Outreach events are free to attend. The Counseling and Social Advocacy Center @ UMSL works to create a safe space for participants to learn, remember, and share as they remember loved ones.


To register for an upcoming Outreach Event please click on the dates below:

Grief Mini Conference: Friday, November 18 9:00-4:30pm. 

Grief Support Group: Starting the week of September 26 and lasting until December 6. This is a virtual group that meets weekly on Tuesday evenings. Group will not meet the week of Thanksgiving.   This group is for those who have experienced any type of loss or are grieving those losses. This group has openings every 4-6 weeks.  To register, click here.

Facilitators:  Matinah White and Rorke Chhouk

Interested in learning more or have questions for us? Please call the Grief Services office at 314-516-4613 or email .